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Mauricio Rubio, "Monogamia y democracia," by Mauricio Rubio, EL ESPECTADOR, July 2017

"Men, Sex and Power - Why Powerful Men Behave Badly, Why Powerful Women Don't," by Linda Lowen, ABOUT.COM, February 2016

"Why Polygyny is Bad for National Security," by Valerie Hudson and Rose McDermott, POLITICO, July 2015

"This Idea Must Die Puts Speculative Self Correction Back in the Driver's Seat," by Norman Bell, POPMATTERS, May 2015 "Zuma's Wives: How Humans Evolved a Link Between Inequality and Misogyny," by Rob Brooks, THE ATLANTIC, May 2012

Millions of Us Have Blood of Emperors,” by Jonathan Leake, SUNDAY TIMES LONDON,February 2012

How Despots and Conquerors Changed the Genetic Makeup of the World,” by Jonathan Leake, SUNDAY TIMES AUSTRALIA, February 2012.

No Wonder There’s So Much Violence in the World!” by Ted Thornhill, DAILY MAIL, February 2012,

Porquoi les Societies Occidentales ne Sont-elles pas Polygames?” by Audren Duperron, EXPRESS, September 2011

Sex und Autoritat,” by Rafaela von Bredow, SPIEGEL, May 2011,1518,764593,00.html

Sex in the Old Testament: God is a Darwinist,” by Gad Saad, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, March 201

Polygamy Not Entirely a Muslim Thing” by Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba, THE OBSERVER, March 2010

In Defense of Tiger Woods, AND of his Critics,” by Douglas Kenrick, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, December 2009

Tales of Republicans, Bonobos and Adultery,” by Eduardo Porter, NEW YORK TIMES, July 2009

"Democracy, Dictatorship and Polygamy" by Paul Rubin, REGULATION, Summer 2008

"Why Scholars Just Can't Stop Talking About Sarah and Hagar" by Julia Klein, US NEWS & WORLD REPORT, January 2008

"Blame the Rich," by Richard Conniff, SMITHSONIAN, December 2007

Why is a Hindu Temple Like a Soho Phone Box? Must I Draw You a Picture?” by Terence Kealey, TIMES ONLINE, September 2006

The Proper Study of Mankind,” by Geoffrey Carr, THE ECONOMIST, December 2005

So, You Want to Be the Boss?” by Richard Conniff, DISCOVER, May 2000

Politics Made Me do it,” by Robert Wright, TIME, February 1998

Despots Put it about a Bit,” by Peter Aldhous, NEW SCIENTIST, February 1997

"Styles of Polygamy," by Robert Wright, SLATE, August 1996

"Why Presidents Have More Sons," by Matt Ridley, NEW SCIENTIST, December 1994

"Our Cheating Hearts," by Robert Wright, TIME, August 1994.


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